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 Claudia D. Hernández was born and   raised in Guatemala. She’s a   photographer, poet, editor, translator,   and a bilingual educator residing in Los   Angeles. Hernández is the author of   KNITTING THE FOG, a finalist for the

 2020 Firecracker Award in Creative 

 Nonfiction. She is also an   award winning editor for her anthology   photography book titled WOMEN,   MUJERES, IXOQ: REVOLUTIONARY     VISIONS, which received the   International Latino Book Award in 2019.   She is the founder of the ongoing   project: Today’s Revolutionary Women of   Color. www.Todaysrevolutionarywomenof


 Claudia holds an MFA in Creative Writing   from Antioch University Los Angeles.   Various online literary journals and   anthologies throughout the United   States, the UK, Canada, Mexico, and   Spain have published her work. Claudia   is the recipient of the 2018 Louise     Meriwether First Book Prize. 


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